Opening Hours

May hours:
Saturday & Sunday: Noon-8pm

Monday - Friday: 4-8pm
Weather Permitting

  • Please note: We stop selling attraction tickets 30 minutes prior to closing​

  • May - Mid September

  • Check our Facebook page for the most up-to-date information

  • Our hours can vary in the Spring, Fall, during holidays. or for other special events. Thank you for understanding 


Contact Us

Location Address:

500 Riverside Park Road

Bismarck, ND 58504
Located in Sertoma Park

Shoot us an e-mail at superslide_nd@yahoo.com

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Attraction Prices

Subject to change

We tailor our rides to be affordable. Below is a list of our rides and amount of tickets required

  • Bounce House: 2 Tickets

  • Bumper Cars: 3 Tickets

  • Carousel: 2 Tickets

  • Critter Track: 2 Tickets

  • Downpour Derby: 1 Ticket per person

  • Ferris Wheel: 2 Tickets

  • Go Karts: 3 Tickets

  • Rock Wall: 2 Tickets

  • Roller Coaster: 3 Tickets

  • Super Slide: 1 Ticket for two rides

  • Swings: 2 Tickets

  • Tea Cups: 2 Tickets

  • Water Wars: 2 Tickets per bucket of balloons


Single Ticket

Maybe you just want to ride the Ferris Wheel. Maybe you just want to explore a few attractions. This is a great option if you just want to try a few rides.


Sheet of 25 Tickets

Fun Fact: If you were to ride ALL the rides, you would need 27 tickets. Buy a sheet and make it easy on ya! Save the tickets you don't use for a later date.


Mini Golf

Try your luck in our 18-hole course featuring tunnels, bridges, sharp turns and obstacles. This is a fun-for-all-ages activity.


Bankshot Basketball

Try your luck on a course of hoops of different heights and positions. Challenge your friends and family. Don't forget to keep score for bragging rights.

$1.00 for 20 balls

Batting Cages

Our batting cages are one of the only cages in the region. We include all equipment. The machines take quarters, and we can make change at the ticket office. Upgrade your minutes for a better deal! $6 for 10 minutes, $12 for 20 minutes, or $16 for 30 minutes.