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Below is a description of the Super Slide Amusement Park attractions written by our most popular customers - kids. In the summer of 2019, Super Slide Amusement Park collaborated with Bismarck Public School's rising 4th graders at Liberty Elementary in a six-week unit. These students worked hard to give you their best sensory-detailed descriptions of Bismarck's premier summer attraction.


NEW for 2023 - The Flying Bee

On the Flying Bee you can pedal the pedals or pull back the bar and your seat flies high into the air. To land back on the ground you just have to stop. There is a 200 pound weight limit for the double seats. Any rider under 42 inches must ride with a responsible person and be able to sit on their own.

2 tickets



The swings are fun for people that like to go in circles. When the swings first start you go forward for 90 seconds and then you go backwards for 90 seconds. You can ask to go faster or slower for your preference. To ride the swings you have to be able to sit up on your own. Also, you can't be over 115 pounds.

2 Tickets


Critter Track

The critter track is a fun and colorful ride. When you ride it, you can hear clicking all around the track.You can see plants and colorful animals. You can smell flowers. This is a good ride for little kids. It's slow, it's colorful, and you can ride with mom or dad. You can be any height to ride the critter track.

2 Tickets

IMG_8538 2.JPG

Whispering Cars

The go-karts are fun for kids who like to race. It is fun because the cars go fast. The rules are no bumping into other cars and you have to be 43 through 62 inches to ride. Vroom vroom the racers are off!!!
*Please note* these karts are for kids only, adults will not be permitted to ride. Thank you. 

3 Tickets


Super Slide

This is the ride that started it ALL! Once you go down the slide, keep your body on the blanket. You need a blanket to go down the super slide. You can see it is super colorful as you glide down the bumpy lanes. You can hear people screaming down the fun, super slide! When it is waxed it goes super fast! They wax it every day to make it the fastest!
Riders under 42 inches must ride with an adult.

1 Ticket for two rides

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at

Bankshot Basketball

This is crazy basketball! When you do bankshot basketball, you'll see crazy backboards. You think it is easy but it is really hard! You will see the numbers one, two, and three on the floor. If you go on one and make it you have one point, but if you go to three and make it you get three points. It is fun for all !!!!

Our Bankshot™ course consists of 18 stations, and one tie breaker, each with a uniquely shaped Bankboard. Each Bankshot™ requires a different banked shot to score. Players may use a scorecard to track their score as they shoot increasingly difficult shots at each of the stations. 

$3 per person


Water Wars

A water balloon flies through the air! SPLASH! Another water balloon explodes! "Shoot, we got soaked!" You try to hit the target so it can splash your friends and family. If you hit the target the water in the bucket flies up into your face.

2 tickets per bucket (Water Wars)


Miniature Golf Course

Mini golf is a fun game to do if you don't like rides. It is a relaxing activity. It is also a challenging sport. There are 18 holes. You can hear the golf putters hitting golf balls and feel excitement! Mini golf is good for walking toddlers and up.

$5 per person


Batting Cages

If you like baseball this is the perfect place for you. You have a choice: If you are a fast-pitch hitter you can do the left cage. If you want to do a slow-pitch, you can go to the right or middle cage. Helmets and bats are already there so you don't have to bring your own gear. You can hear the ding of the bat hitting the ball. It is so fun. Have fun at the batting cages.

$1.00 for 20 balls
Discount for timed sessions

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 9.35.37 PM.png

Bumper Cars

The bumper cars are fun for smashing and crashing into family and friends. You will hear the engines getting the bumper cars ready to crash into people. To steer you push and pull the lever to move in different directions. To ride the bumper cars you need to be 44 inches or taller. You should ride this ride!

3 Tickets

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 9.36.53 PM.png


Spinny and spinny, round you go! Faster and faster, here you'll go. Get ready for the fun to start. Do you like to go on spinny rides? On these teacups you will go in a circle and it is about three minutes long. Hopefully you like spinny rides because they are very fun!

2 Tickets

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 9.37.55 PM.png


The carousel is whirly, fun and very decorated. The carousel is made for everyone, but if you are more than 125 pounds you can’t ride the horses - as they go up and down. The carousel lights up and you can sit on the animals.

2 Tickets

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 9.35.53 PM.png

Roller Coaster

When you get on the train you hear a ̈"toot, toot!̈" This is before all the screams. When the train begins you glide forward and hear a "click, click." Up you go! Grab the bar and hold on tight! Three times around the train coaster goes. This ride is so much fun! You must be 42 inches tall with an adult or 48 inches to ride by yourself. But...don't forget 3 tickets!

3 Tickets

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 10.28.34

Ferris Wheel

The ferris wheel is fun for anyone who likes heights. Guests 48" and below must ride with an adult. It goes pretty fast and it is tall. 12 seats surround the wheel. You can feel the wind in your face as you hang on to the handle bar. You hear the wheel spinning around and around and you can see the entire park below you. It is 2 tickets per person or 5 tickets per seat.

2 Tickets


Downpour Derby

You want to be the strongest and the fastest "cranker" to win this game! It’s for all to play and if you don’t crank fast enough you get drenched!

1 ticket per player


Bounce House

Bounce, bounce! At the bounce house your heart will race. Did you know that there is sand and carpet under the device so the jumper does not pop it? The rubber is thick so it does not break. You may not wear shoes on this ride. The bounce house has nets so people do not fall out. Please no flips or cartwheels.

2 Tickets



Anyone over 30lbs can attempt this gripping adventure. "Click." Get your grip ready to hold on to the bumpy rocks. When going higher and higher you can feel the excitement. When flowing down you feel the cool breeze hitting your body. You have 3 choices: easy, medium, and hard. The higher you climb the more you can see from up high.

3 Tickets

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A special note from the park

Big thanks to our authors!

We hope you enjoyed these amazing descriptions of our various attractions at Super Slide Amusement Park. We are very proud of the hard work that these Liberty students put forth to ensure our customers are well informed of our park's rides and activities. If you need additional information on any of our rides, please call us at (701) 255-1107.

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