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NEW for 2024
The Animal Train

With a locomotive car in the front, and three passenger cars behind, the new animal train is a great ride! Push the buttons to play music, make animal noises, and rock your car! With room for 14 passengers, everyone can get a ride!

2 tickets


The Flying Bee

On the Flying Bee you can pedal or pull back the bar and your seat flies high into the air while you spin in circles. Make your seat go as high or low as you please. There is a 200 pound weight limit for the double seats. Any rider under 42 inches must ride with a responsible person and be able to sit on their own.

2 tickets


Kiddie Swings

With 16 seats, the swings can help you get your spin on. Riders go both forward and backward during their ride. To ride the swings riders should be under 115 pounds and be able to sit on their own.

2 Tickets

IMG_8538 2.JPG

Kiddie Kars

The park is home to 5 battery operated go karts. With a gas and break pedal, these are just like the real thing! Our track loops around and even takes drivers through the garage. Riders must be 42 through 62 inches to ride. It is highly encouraged that drivers have some power wheel or previous driving experience to get the best results. Smashing and bumping is not permitted and may result in removal from ride. 
*Please note* these karts are for kids only, adults will not be permitted to ride. Thank you. 

3 Tickets


Super Slide

This is the ride that started it ALL!
Standing 24 feet tall, over 100 feet long, with six lanes, and three drops, the Super Slide is sure to give you a thrill. Riders under 42 inches MUST ride with a adult (the adult rides with for free!). Please sit feet first on the blanket, cover your feet, and do not touch the slide while riding down. 
*please note* This ride cannot operate while wet or during lightning.

1 Ticket for two rides

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at

Bankshot Basketball

Looking for a unique game to play? We've got you covered! Our Bankshot™ course consists of 18 stations, and one tie breaker, each with a uniquely shaped Bankboard. Each Bankshot™ requires a different banked shot to score. Players may use a scorecard to track their score as they shoot increasingly difficult shots at each of the stations.

$3 per person


Water Wars

This game requires a minimum of two players, one for each side. Each side gets a bucket of five water balloons to launch at the other side. If you hit the target the depth charge will spray your opponents! 
Super Slide fun fact: these water balloons are biodegradable! 
*please note* This attraction may occasionally close due to chilly temps

2 tickets per bucket (Water Wars)


Miniature Golf Course

Our mini golf course includes 18 holes of different difficulties. With a bonus 19th hole where you can win a free game, you're sure to get plenty of fun! We provide mini golf balls and putters, but players are welcome to bring their own putters to perfect their game!

$5 per person


Batting Cages

The Super Slide is home to 3 soft ball batting cages: 2 slow pitch and one fast pitch. Guests are welcome to use the provided bats and helmets, or bring their own! The cages take $1 in quarters (available in the ticket office) or you can buy timed session to get the most hits for your buck. 
For the the safety of yourself and others: please do not cross the line into the cages and report all issues to the ticket office for help. Thank you.

$1.00 for 20 balls
Discount for timed sessions

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 9.35.37 PM.png

Bumper Cars

Our bumper cars are a smashing good time! Riders must be 44 inches tall to ride and cars are single rider only.

3 Tickets

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 9.36.53 PM.png


Take a spin on our classic teacup ride. There are 6 teacups for you to choose from. Spin the table to make your teacup go as fast as you want. All guests are welcome to enjoy this ride, the littlest may need an adult to ride with them.

2 Tickets

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 9.37.55 PM.png


Take a ride on the classic carousel! Riders under 125 pounds can ride our horses, which go up and down. All guests are welcome to ride our stationary zebras, giraffes, or the bench. Adults are welcome to accompany small riders by standing next to them.

2 Tickets

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 9.35.53 PM.png

Roller Coaster

Don't miss out on North Dakota's Only Roller Coaster! Our coster is 18 feet tall with 165 feet of track. Riders must be a minimum of 42" to ride with an adult. Riders over 48" can ride solo. Riders under 42" will not be permitted to ride. 
*please note* This ride cannot operate in heavy rain or during lightning.

3 Tickets

Screen Shot 2019-07-12 at 10.28.34

Ferris Wheel

The Super Slide is home to a 12 seat Big Eli Ferris Wheel! Get a beautiful view of the park while taking a relaxing ride. Guests of all ages may ride, but children 48" and below must ride with an adult. 
*please note* This ride cannot operate under heavy rain or in lightning.

2 Tickets per person or 5 Tickets per seat


Downpour Derby

This game requires two or four players. Each player stands across from their opponent and cranks a handle. The handle fills the bucket over their opponent's head until it is full and dumps all over the player. Be the fastest and win bragging rights! 
*please note* this attraction may close occasionally due to chilly temps

1 ticket per player


Bounce House

Hop on over to our Bounce House for a bouncing good time. Guests of all ages are welcome to participate. Please no shoes, flips, or cartwheels. 
*please note* This ride will close in heavy rain

2 Tickets



Anyone over 30lbs can attempt this gripping adventure. Our rock wall is 20 feet tall and has three levels of difficulty to try. All climbers must wear a harness.

3 Tickets

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