Covid-19 Response

We want to share some of how we plan to stay safe with you!

  • The Super Slide Amusement Park partnered with the North Dakota Safety Council and had a park assessment done.

  • Park employees took Covid safety training.

  • At this point in time the rock wall will be closed until further notice

  • The North Dakota Department of Health has determined our wool slide blankets to be extremely low risk, and we will disinfect them daily

  • The Bounce House will be cleaned every day before opening. 

  • All other rides rides and equipment will be sanitized with each use.

  • We welcome all guests to wear masks if they wish, and use hand sanitizer often and follow all COVID guidelines posted throughout the park and enacted by our employees.

We will inact with fidelity and where possible, exceed, all recommendations given to us by the North Dakota Safety Council in order to maintain the highest level of customer and employee safety in the park.